Cats Behavior In Storms


Cats are almost exactly like people, people are sometimes afraid of thunderstorms, and cats are afraid of thunderstorms. Have you ever felt that a storm was going to hit? Cats can sense almost every bit of it. Are you curious what cats experience during a thunderstorm? Read on and find out!

Before a storm, cats tend to constantly rub their ears due to the drop in air pressure, it’s like when you dive into a deep pool and go down really fast and you’re ears hurt. Cats have very sensitive inner ears so they can tell when a thunderstorm is coming.

During a storm, cats become extremely fearful, this is called a phobia. A phobia can make a cat dysfunctional and give the cat a desire to hide, due to the loud claps of thunder and the bright flashes of lightning. Cats have sensitive hearing and sensitive eyesight because they are nocturnal and diurnal (they can see at night and during the day), thunder can seem like a cannon going off right next to you! Cats avoid open spaces, and stay in small spaces for a very long time.

After a storm, cats take precaution and stay in hiding for up to three hours at a time to recover from the storm. When they do emerge they are high strung (jumping at every little noise), and keep rubbing their ears as a result of the low air pressure.

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