Dogs' Behavior In Storms

Animal Behavior
BY: Kevin

Just like cats in my previous article, dogs have phobias of thunderstorms as well. This interesting behavior has caught my attention, dogs are afraid of loud noises, the thunderstorm has loud noises and bright light flashes, so it must be pretty scary to a dog. Dogs also have sensitive eyes and ears.

Before the storm, dogs cling to their owners, and do damage to doors and windows trying to escape, if they can’t escape, they resort to trembling and self mutilation. Dogs often hide under the bed.

During the storm, dogs have been known to tear open window screens and hurl themselves out of windows. If there is no window, they seek attention and pace back and forth panting. Some dogs will hide in bathtubs! Dogs often have destructive behavior during a thunderstorm.

After a storm, they become aggressive or defensive due to the passing storm. Dogs can lose their appetite. When they are stressed, they will tremble. Dogs tremble before and after the thunderstorm.

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