History Of New England Hurricanes

Hurricane Bob
In 1991, hurricane Bob affected Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. The winds lew ferociously over 105mph. 17 people died, several of which were struck by tree limbs. The pressure dropped to as low as 962mb. Storm surges damaged Buzzards Bay, MA with 6-10 feet water above the average tide. There was flooding in Bristol, Rhode Island. A motel roof was being torn apart by winds in Providence Town, Rhode Island. Several apartments in Falmouth, MA had the roof blown off as well. Some were struck by debris flying in the air. Two deaths occurred on boats. One was off the coast of eastern Connecticut. The other was in Massachusetts waters. 21 million people lost power for more than 24 hours due to Bob. The total property damage cost was approximately $900 million dollars. Even though Bob was small in size, he had a great amount of power.

Hurricane Carol
Carol made landfall on August 31, 1954 in eastern North Carolina as a category two. After returning to the water, Carol strengthening to a category three. As she worked her way up the coast, her next landfall struck Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York. First, she made landfall on eastern Long Island, then she went on farther north. All of Rhode Island, eastern CT, and eastern MA lost electricity. Downtown Providence Rhode Island flooded under 12 feet of water. Carol nearly wiped out New London, Groton, and Mystic Connecticut. Narragansett, RI also flooded, only a few feet less of water. Winds over 135mph gusted through the states. Hurricane Carol destroyed 4,000 homes, 3,500 automobile and 300 boats. Sixty-five people died in Old Seabrook, CT.

Hurricane Edna
Several days after Carol fizzled out, Hurricane Edna made landfall on September 11, 1954. As a category three hurricane, Edna passed over the eastern tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Edna started out off the coast of north eastern Africa, just above Guyana. Heading North West towards Florida, Edna made a sharp curve, to the North East. Just missing South Carolina, Edna heads straight for Massachusetts. 95 mph winds blew in eastern Mass and coastal parts of Rhode Island. 120mph winds made it to Martha’s Vineyard, while 100mph gusted in Hyannis, MA. The electrical power in parts of Rhode Island, eastern Ma, all of Cape Cod, and some islands got knocked out. Hurricane Edna practically followed Carol’s path. Only slightly east of hurricane Carol’s path, Edna and Carol tore through eastern US.

Hurricane of New England (1938)
With little or no warning at all, Hurricane of New England started out west northwest as a slow moving category 5. Roughly 100-150 miles east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, the 1938 hurricane sped up. The New England hurricane made landfall over Long Island and CT as a category 3. 10- 12 foot storm surges affected Long Island, Connecticut, and southern Massachusetts. The storm surges were mostly noticeable in Buzzards Bay and Narragansett. This horrible, uncalled for hurricane caused 600 deaths and $308 million dollars worth of damage.


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