Hot Cold Water

Hot and Cold Water Demo


• 1 pitcher filled with hot water (colored red)
• 1 pitcher filled with cold water (colored blue)
• 1 large container
• 1 plastic divider


1. Put divider in the middle of container
2. At the same time pour in both pitchers, one on each side
3. Pull out divider
4. Watch what happens


The hot water represents a warm front and the cold water represents a cold front. The experiment shows the interaction between the two air masses. Warm air rises over the cold air creating a front of some kind.

When a warm front moves into a mass of cold air it rises over the front, then cools. Condensation could follow that, which would create rain clouds spanning over a large area.

A cold front is when cold air is pushed under hot air. When this happens a very tall cloud forms, causing a thunderstorm in a small area.

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