Strangest Hurricane Names

Edward Hershey
Science 10/1/08

The names of hurricanes.

The names of dangerous and strange hurricanes.

I need to explain a little about this subject Hurricanes are made of water wind and are usually formed after thunder storms. They need 80 degree water to form and they start as a tropical storm. Hurricanes start out as tropical storms and then become hurricanes. They are ordered from category 1 to category 5 with 1 as the weakest and 5 as the strongest. This page tells about some of the weird hurricanes.

Agnes: (1972) Agnes was a storm that hit Florida and eventually New York It killed nine people in Florida and 113 in New York it also killed 7 people in the Bahamas It was only a category 1 hurricane but it did 2.1 billion dollars in damage. This may seem strange but it had a sever impact on the western United States.

Alicia: (1983) This hurricane hit Texas as a category 3. It killed 21 people and cost 2 billion dollars in damage it went through the US and fizzled out in Nebraska. This may not seem strange but the thing is that it formed in the Gulf not far from the coast.

Connie and Diane: (1955) These two hurricanes must be mentioned together because they hit the same place only five days apart. They killed together 184 people and caused sever flooding it also caused 832 million dollars of damage.

San Felipe- Okeechobee Hurricane: this one caused not a lot of damage to the environment but it killed a few thousand people. It hit the Florida Keys and killed over 1800 people. It also killed a lot of people in the Bahamas. They equaled all total over 2000 people.

Donna: (1960) This is the only hurricane to still be a hurricane after hitting Florida, New England, Mid Atlantic. Sombrero Key was the first place hit and it went up the side of the States. This hurricane killed 271 people in total.

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