Tornado Bottle

Tornado in a Bottle

Materials: Two 2 liter bottles
Water (about one liter)
Connecter (tornado tube)
Beads (not necessary)

Procedure: Twist the tornado tube onto one of the bottles. Then, on the other bottle put in the 1 liter of water. If you want to use beads, put them in the bottle with water. Connect the bottle without water to the bottle with water. Put your hand on the top of the full bottle, then spin your hand around and around in a circular motion.

Cool Facts:Funnel clouds last than ten minutes before reducing. Some only last several seconds, but some last more than one hour.

Discussion: A tornado is a fierce wind storm that starts spinning because of the corellas affect. The winds caused by the tornado are the strongest winds on Earth. The winds cause a fast speed vortex in a low atmospheric pressure in the center of the tornado. The wind in the tornado spins upwards. These winds are called updrafts. These updrafts pull things from the ground, like trees, bushes, and rocks. Tornados are called other things too. They can also be called cyclones or twisters. Tornados are violent storms; they take people out house and home every year. Tornados are good to get exciting about, but if they hit land they are very bad and emotional.

How a tornado forms in real life: Warm moist air flies up meeting colder dryer air. Warm moist air is lighter than the cold dry air,that makes a strong updraft in the thunderstorm. As the warm air rises, it may meet changing wind direction at different angles causing a tornado.
By: Michael C.

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