Tornado Machine

Tornado Machine and Facts.

Recipe for tornado
First a weather front comes in, where the cool air meets the warm air. Then the hot air meets cold the air, the cold air tries to slip down to the ground, while the warm air is pushing upwards and the moisture in the warm air condenses droplets of water, as the air is cooled. The water droplets form clouds. All along the front, a line of large cumulonimbus clouds start to grow. Since the ground is hot from the sun and the cold air starts to heat up and rises up. Warm air becomes practically trapped near the ground, under the layer of incoming cold air. When the warm air finally breaks through, an updraft rises up through the cold air and into the sky. That is what causes a tornado.

How the Tornado Machine works
When the fog comes out from the water, the fan on top is blowing down air making a down draft; it is also making the tornado form because without air there is no tornado. Then there are little holes on the poles which are blowing air counter clockwise, causing a tornado.

Facts on Tornadoes
Tornadoes are found mostly in the United States, east of the Rocky Mountains
during the spring and summer. Funnel clouds usually last of 10 minutes, but sometimes they last for several seconds. Tornadoes are nature’s most violent storms.

Fujita Tornado Intensity Scale

Scale Wind Speed Damage

F-0 - 18-32 - Light-tree branches broken, damage to large signs, and chimney’s
F-1 - 33-50 - Moderate-Tree’s snapped, surface of roots peeled off, windows broken
F-2 - 51-70 - Considerable-large trees uprooted, roofs torn off frame houses, mobile homes demolished
F-3 - 71-92 - Severe-roofs and some walls torn off-well constructed houses, cars over-turned
F-4 - 93-116 - Devastating-well constructed houses leveled, cars and large objects thrown
F-5 - 117-143 - Incredible- strong frame houses lifted off foundation and destroyed, car-sized objects thrown more than 90 meters

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